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To empower students with the ability to express themselves in English as they would in their mother tongue
Create a user-friendly online platform that is easy to navigate for all students.
Provide diversity and adaptability to the learning experience of our students.
Provide as much conversation opportunities to emerce students in the language, especially in our group classes.

To become a globally recognized and reliable source for studying efficient communicative English as a second language.  Provide teachers with all necessary resources to achieve student and organization goals. Become established as a trusted community of online educators.


Face 2 Face 


I have worked in ESL for almost a decade and have had the opportunity to teach students in all age groups with different needs. Learning a language opens tremendous opportunities and at Face-2-Face, this is where it all happens.
I’ve seen the impact a teacher with good teaching skills has on their students and at Face-2-Face we work with teachers who have:

- Effective techniques
- Motivation
- Consistency
- Reliability

At Face-2-Face Learning We Provide

An environment of knowledge and learning that uplifts the students.
An environment that instils the confidence a student needs to achieve their goals.
A platform to not only educate, but to build brighter futures.
A vibrant environment for our teachers where they can experience the freedom of teaching. 

We have busy lives and with the changing world we live in, Face2Face provides you with a secure, user-friendly environment which gives you the freedom to learn wherever you are with teachers from around the world, sharing their knowledge and expertise with you to help you achieve your goals.

Learning is the beginning of all things beautiful, so let us help you take that step!

Choose Your Course

Conventional Course

This course is for students that would like to improve their conversational skills.
The course focuses on speaking and listening.
We provide a wide range of topics to discuss during classes.
Our teachers will provide the students with the vocabulary, sentence structures, talking points and role plays during the lesson to prepare them for real conversation on the topic at the end of the lesson.
We offer small group classes with a maximum of 5 students in the class as well as private classes.

We can also cater lessons to the student’s specific requirements when requested. 


Business English

Our Business English course has 5 levels.
CEFR level A1+ – C1

It caters to beginner level adult learners and provides crucial language for success within a business environment. Face2Face educators imitate real situations that may occur in a business setting and prepare students for interviews, presentations etc.

We offer contextual perspective to our learners and cater to individual needs if need be.


Academic English

In our all skills course we teach students the basic 4 skills in language. Reading, speaking, writing and listening.
CEFR level – A1 – C1
We additionally provide a 6 level course specifically to our adult students.
The lessons are designed to build the students confidence in a variety of situations.
The course has interesting topics and engaging sitcom series to give you the best opportunities to practice your language through role play and open discussions.


IELTs Prep and test practice

Our IELTs course prepares the students for the exam which test the 4 skills.
We provide what to expect in the exam as well as practice test sessions.
This is so students are most prepared for the exam and feel confident.
There will be language focus activities, vocabulary and word building.


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